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Spiritual Essence of Santa Fe

These essences assist you to clear past issues with yourself and others, provide balance, clarity, positive uplift and deepens your connection with the God Source and the world around you, while you strengthen your mind and body.

Spiritual Essence of Santa Fe


Spiritual Essence are a multi dimensional healing tool. Their vibration may change the way you view all of life.

In the beginning, we had no idea that the essence were a living, evolving force that bacomes stronger to assist our changing lives.

They work with the changes we choose to see in our lives, gently clearing old patterns and doubts while bringing usl to a higher realization of what ourr life may be.

The Spiritual Essence may align you with awareness of who you are and why you are on the earth plane.

You may work at your own pace, or work with others according to your choice; however, working with others heightens the vibration greatly.

Easily used by all. View use on product page. Do not ever leave the essences in sunlight. The sun’s UV rays destroy the Spiritual Essence vibration.

Remember, your statement, "That you choose to get the benefit of your work 100%," is important to your progress. Always complete your experience with with the essence by using Vibrational Continuity.


We give free classes for the essences call for info. 505-466-2325